Government of Canada and National Seniors Council hold roundtable

The Honourable Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State (Seniors), addressed members of the National Seniors Council (NSC) as well as seniors’ organizations and service providers who met in Victoria today to discuss issues related to an aging population.

The NSC was tasked in June to examine two areas that will be affected by the changing demographics: labour force participation among seniors and near seniors, and intergenerational relations.

“With the demographic shift that is upon us, we are faced with both opportunities and challenges, which must be addressed,” said Minister of State Ablonczy. “The valuable insights provided by the National Seniors Council will help the federal government prepare for the reality of population change in Canada and across the globe.”

Minister of State Ablonczy joined Mr. Jean-Guy Soulière, Chair of the Council, who facilitated the roundtable discussions. “What motivates seniors to remain in or return to the labour force is a question we will be asking during these roundtable discussions,” explained Mr. Soulière. “We will also identify and examine potential challenges in relationships between the generations as a result of the aging population.”

This roundtable is the first in a series of five cross-Canada roundtables on labour force participation and intergenerational relations. Since 2007, the NSC has undertaken work on elder abuse, low income among seniors, volunteering among seniors, and positive and active aging. As part of that work, the Council has convened roundtable meetings across Canada with seniors, seniors’ organizations and other stakeholders. These roundtables present an opportunity for the Council to identify possible areas for action to support seniors. For more information on the Council, please visit

The Government of Canada is working hard to help improve the lives of seniors on many fronts. For more information on the Government of Canada’s commitments to seniors and elder abuse awareness initiatives, visit

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