National Seniors Care Alliance Developing Strategy in Advance of New Health Accord Discussions

CALTC 2010
Care providers from across Canada met in Fredericton, NB in August for the Canadian Alliance for Long Term Care Annual Meeting

One of Canada’s largest seniors care organizations met in August in Fredericton for their annual general meeting and have started to develop strategies in advance of a renewed national debate on the future of health care.

The Canadian Alliance for Long Term Care (CALTC) represents care providers responsible for the delivery of quality care to more than 100,000 of Canada's most vulnerable residents each day. CALTC also represents many providers that care for persons with disabilities.

At their annual meeting earlier this month, Canada’s Premiers identified “ballooning health costs” as the elephant in their Winnipeg meeting room". Quebec Premier Jean Charest put it bluntly, "Canada has a problem. The cost of health care is rising very rapidly."

According to national media reports BC Premier Gordon Campbell agreed health care costs remain "a significant issue" that must be addressed if the system is to survive.

At the conclusion of their meeting, Mr. Charest, Mr. Campbell and the 11 other Canadian Premiers made a commitment to start talks with the federal government with a view to renewing a multi-billion dollar federal health funding deal that expires in 2014.

The report calls for a re-examination of the Canada Health Act to help close accessibility gaps in continuing care and develop a policy framework under five pillars:

  • Build a culture of patient-centred care
  • Enhance access and improve quality of care
  • Improve patient access along the continuum of care - outside acute care facilities
  • Help providers help patients with adequate supply of health human resources
  • Establish accountability/responsibility at all levels

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