2024 – 2027

Strategic Plan

Canada’s health care system and long-term care sector are currently in a period of transition – and as a result, CALTC’s perspective is needed now more than ever. As we advance upon our 2024 – 2027 Strategic Plan, CALTC is committed to being a trusted partner to the federal government on emergent and established long-term care matters, and to working with our members and trusted partners to ensure alignment in messages on the sector’s key needs and priorities. In doing so, we will ensure that our recommendations for change are heard, and collectively enhance our impact potential.

Our Priorities


Since its inception, CALTC has played an important role in serving as the national voice for the long-term care sector. In this capacity, CALTC advances dialogue about the needs of the sector at the federal level and provides recommendations for how the federal government can support a high-quality, accessible long-term care system for Canadians across the country. Canada’s health care system is in a period of transition – and CALTC’s perspective is needed now more than ever.


CALTC is proud to work closely with our members, sectoral partners, and health system leaders to facilitate connection and foster collaboration on matters facing the long-term care sector. We do this through advancing actionable, evidence-backed recommendations about national issues facing the sector and facilitating meaningful dialogues and purposeful partnerships with those who share our vision for change.


The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the critical role that the long-term care sector plays in the health and sustainability of Canada’s health care system. During this time, CALTC has been increasingly called upon to lend its perspective and participate in dialogues to shape Canada’s health system transformation in areas where long-term care has been critically impacted – such as health human resources and pandemic preparedness.


The COVID-19 pandemic has critically impacted Canada’s long-term care sector, illuminating both the challenges in meeting the growing demand for long-term care across Canada, and the need for greater investment in the long-term care sector. For CALTC, these impacts have led to a greater opportunity for CALTC’s leadership in giving voice to the critical needs of our sector specifically, and to shaping health system transformation efforts more broadly.


A sustainable sector that provides quality long-term care for all.


As the national voice for long-term care, we drive change to support Canadians to live and age with dignity.

CALTC’s 2024 – 2027 Strategic Plan presents an important opportunity for CALTC to reflect on its progress to-date and set a refreshed direction to guide the organization over the next three years. The contents have been developed with input from CALTC’s members, partners, leadership, and Board of Directors to reflect the priorities of our broad sector and stakeholder community. This refreshed plan sets an inspiring direction for CALTC to further solidify its role as the national voice of the long-term care sector, and to continue meeting the evolving needs of the sector and health system for years to come.

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